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1. Can I use a home computer to mine Bitcoin?

Theoretically speaking, any computer can become a “mining machine” after installing the corresponding software, which means that anyone who owns a computer can be a potential miner. In fact, according to the current difficulty level of Bitcoin mining, normal home computer could not afford it. Bitcoin mining is a calculation. This specific algorithm is based on the mathematical problem of the encrypted hash algorithm. To solve this mathematical problem, it requires the mining computer to have strong data processing capabilities.

2. Does mining Filecoin make money?

Miners can make money by providing storage to the Filecoin network. Filecoin mining is essentially allowing miners to provide storage space and obtain Fil rewards.

3. What is current most valuable coin to mine?

This question is subjective as it depends on which type of coin you think is valuable. According to the current market, distributed storage mining is a trend, because it uses idle hard disk space to obtain block rewards, which is relatively energy-saving and has high value in application. For example, Filecoin and Chia are very good projects in this field.

4. Is there any recommended configuration for the miner?

In theory, the higher the configuration, the higher the data processing capacity and the higher the operating capacity, and the more beneficial it is for mining. In terms of cost, it is recommended to configure corresponding mining machine solutions for different coins, which is more conducive to the subsequent mining. Cloudrush has different mining schemes. Please contact us for more details.

5. Is the bear market suitable for mining?

I think mining is not restricted by bull market and bear market. Of course, some people say that the bull market is good for mining because the currency price has a lot of room to rise. However, there are many factors that affect mining, such as the computing power of the entire network, the number of miners, and the configuration of mining machines. Although the bull market is good, you can still mine during the bear market. The mining rewards are stored in your wallet, and you can sell it after the price rises in bull market.

6. What does Cloudrush do?

Cloudrush is an innovative technology company registered in California, USA. It is invested by CR Capital Foundation from Singapore in 2021. The company has operation centers and R&D centers in the United States, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.

Cloudrush is committed in using AI to build a global distributed storage and computing power platform, empowering the technological industry to realize the blockchain reform, and promoting the rapid growth of the global distributed economy. At present, it provides the construction of blockchain’s bottom technology, the cultivation of blockchain projects and mining pools, the consulting services, and the blockchain computing power, the aggregation of computing power, and other related services.

7. China cracks down Bitcoin mining. Can we still mine now?

The crackdown on Bitcoin mining is because the Bitcoin mining mechanism consumes huge energy and is not environmentally friendly, and therefore, Bitcoin mining is prohibited. Of course, mining is still possible. At present, distributed storage mining consumes relatively little energy, and receives great response from the Chinese community. Cloudrush is registered and established in the United States. All equipment is hosted in the United States with stable policies and global renewable energy areas, ensuring a high degree of regulatory compliance. Currently, it has teamed up with Cyxtera, the second largest data center in the United States, to deploy Filecoin and Chia and assist Chinese miners. Find out more if you are interested.

8. The NFT project is very popular now, how long do you think this will last?

It is hard to say, but in terms of application and value, the development of NFT is very promising. It has derivatives in different sectors, such as music, games, cards, etc. At present, it seems that the trend in the second half of 2021 may be none other than NFT.

9. The popularity of Chia seems to slow down, should I continue mining?

Looking at the industry perspective, the popularity of distributed storage mining is still very high. Chia and Filecoin are well-known on this track. After Chia’s new pool prototcol was released, the XCH token rose by 12%. In addition, Chia may achieve IPO in August, and the prospects are still promising.

10. Is the new small mining coin suitable for mining?

You can try the new coin mining, but please pay attention and identify the project party carefully. If the background and source are reliable, you can try to mine.

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