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Cloud Rush,创新共识带来创新改变

共识算法是所有区块链的基础,是构成区块链平台中的最重要部分。在区块链中,最常见的共识算法包括:POW:Proof of Work,工作量证明;POS:Proof of Stake,权益证明等。

The consensus algorithm is the foundation of all blockchains and the most important part of the blockchain platform. The most common consensus algorithms in the blockchain include POW (Proof of Work), and POS (Proof of Stake), etc.


Among them, the POW proof-of-work mechanism, which is the most widely used and has the highest proportion, is known to be the first to be adopted by Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, due to its slow speed, high energy consumption and other characteristics, it is now being innovated by other consensus.

Cloud Rush

比如Filecoin(代币Fil),Filecoin创新的采用了一种混合共识机制 — — 复制证明(PoRep)+时空证明(PoSt)+ 预期共识(EC)。

For example, Filecoin (token Fil) innovatively adopts a hybrid consensus mechanism: Proof of Replication (PoRep) + Proof of Time and Space (PoSt) + Expected Consensus (EC).


Many blockchain projects are no longer limited to a single consensus in the adoption of consensus mechanisms. The hybrid consensus algorithm has low energy consumption, fast response, fairness, confidentiality, public verifiability and security.

Cloud Rush专注区块链项目孵化、区块链算力、矿池孵化、矿机研发售卖托管一体,并将致力于区块链混合共识协议: Proof of stake + proof of space time、AI智能合约计算、零知识证明隐私计算、对接多元储存协议、云端智能挖矿等技术的研究,为区块链的创新发展做出贡献。

Cloud Rush focuses on blockchain project incubation, blockchain computing power, mining pool formation, sales and custody of mining machine research and development, and will be committed to blockchain hybrid consensus protocols: Proof of stake + proof of space-time, AI smart contract calculations, Zero-knowledge proof privacy computing, docking multiple storage protocols, cloud intelligent mining, and other technical research, aiming to make contributions to the innovative development of blockchain.

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