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Cloud Rush Corporate Philosophy

Cloud Rush is based on the application of blockchain technology combined with the closed loop system consisting apps and offline industries to promote the cooperation of upstream and In the 21st century, digital finance and blockchain are called the “gold rush of the new era”. Countless “gold miners” who are passionate about this emerging field have flown in.

Cloud Rush adheres to the technical concept of “fast, forward, efficient”, and inspires to be the forerunner in the blockchain gold rush, allowing users to enjoy the craze of cloud mining freely and efficiently without barriers.

Cloud Rush Corporate Vision

Cloud Rush is based on the application of blockchain technology combined with the closed loop system consisting apps and offline industries to promote the cooperation of upstream and downstream entities in the industry chain. It can accelerate the commercialization of the industry as a whole and form an effective closed loop of commercial value, driving the innovative development of the industry.

In the future, Cloud Rush will provide services such as IC design and manufacturing, R&D of chip and mining machine, server construction, packaging and testing, and cloud solutions in the fields of AI applications and blockchain.

Cloud Rush Advantages

1.Policy Advantages

All equipment is hosted in the United States with stable policies and global renewable energy areas, ensuring a high degree of regulatory compliance

2.Technological Advantages

Having a professional R&D team to independently research and develop mining machine chips

3.Capital Advantages

Invested by well-known foundations from Wall Street and Singapore

4.Industrial Chain Advantages

Integrate upstream, midstream and downstream industries to realize a closed-loop ecosystem

5.Data Analysis Advantages

Provide real time data with better display and user interface

6.Consultanting Advantages

Possess a professional, quantitative and analytical consultanting team to create the core competitiveness with professional team and efficient iteration

Cloud Rush Layout

1. Mining machine R&D

1. R&D solutions for mining machine; 2. Top mine bonus; 3. Research and develop portable mining machines, so that everyone can mine

2. Mining pool cultivation

1. Provide technical solutions for global mines; 2. Market system and capital support; 3. Optimize the upstream and downstream of supply chain

3. Computing Power Aggregation

1. Build B2B computing power selling platform; 2. Aggregate top blockchain mining projects

4. Blockchain R&D

1. R&D of blockchain underlying architecture; 2. Construction and maintenance of blockchain application scenarios

5. Consultancy

1. Investing management for blockchain derivatives; 2. Qualitative investment plan for digital assets; 3. Cryptoeconomic design

6. Capital Integration

1. Select top projects from platform; 2. Operate through listed company resources and capit

Cloud Rush Future Plans

1. Market Strategy

Based on the existing huge market resources, provide PoC and custody services for global miners, and integrate business capital and computing resources

2. Strategic Scale

Build distributed cloud storage, blockchain’s bottom technology, and blockchain project cultivation to create the world’s largest computing power center

3. Platform Strategy

Integrate multiple currencies and master top global IDC resources, with the U.S. as the origin and Southeast Asia as the fulcrum, deploying global computing power centers.

4. Capital Strategy

Build physical mining machine stores so that everyone can mine; gather global capital and eventually achieve an IPO.

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