In the deflationary era of Ethereum, the burned amount of ETH has exceeded 290,000 units

Cloud Rush

The ETH destruction mechanism has been activated since the upgrade of the Ethereum network in London. Up to now, the amount of ETH burned is 291.9936 million pieces worth about 1 billion U.S. dollars. The current block utilization rate is 50.9%, and the Base Fee is 32.3 GWei.

After the upgrade, the price of ETH ushered in a wave of rising and then fell. It is currently stable at around 3400 US dollars. The number of miners has also increased after the upgrade, and Coinbase, Bit Mining, etc. are also constantly adding to Ethereum.

With the upgrade of London, mining fees have dropped significantly, and miners’ profits have also increased. Compared with Bitcoin mining, the operating costs and energy consumption of Ethereum mining are relatively low, but mining profits have always been higher than Bitcoin. Therefore, as long as you seize the entrance opportunity, there are possibilities to obtain a larger profit margin.

Currently, the deployment of ETH mining to North America is mainly based in California and Ohio. Cloud Rush was registered and established in California, USA, and it utilizes the inherent geographical advantages to deploy ETH, BTC, Filecoin one-stop mining services using renewable energy, optimized algorithms, and professional custody operation and maintenance to ensure user benefits.




Cloud Rush can provide the most professional blockchain(Filecoin) one-stop mining service solution

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Cloud Rush

Cloud Rush

Cloud Rush can provide the most professional blockchain(Filecoin) one-stop mining service solution

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