IPFS Helps the Construction of Metaverse

Speaking of Metaverse, are you still remain in the virtual world parallel to the real world described in Neil Stephenson’s “Snow Crash” in 1992?

You might have watched “Ready Player One” where people in the movie can switch their identities anytime and anywhere, freely shuttle between the physical world and the digital world, study, work, make friends, shop, travel and etc. in the world formed by virtual space and time nodes. This movie presents the metaverse more concretely through visual effects. Almost everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the “metaverse era”.

Today, the concept and connotation of the metaverse has surpassed the “metaverse” recognized by “Snow Crash” in 1992. It has absorbed the results of the information revolution, Internet revolution, artificial intelligence revolution, and virtual reality technology revolutions such as VR, AR, and MR. It can be said that the current metaverse is the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life science. This also includes blockchain technology, integrating digital finance such as De-Fi, IPFS, and NFT, which provides a new model for the transformation of the digital economy.

Some people say that the metaverse is just a conceptual thing. How does the virtual enter into the reality? Or how can these technologies connect the virtual objects in the metaverse with reality?

It is indeed a very intuitive question. Perhaps you can understand it this way: Assume the metaverse as a diversified Internet.

Nowadays, there are several real-life use cases of Metaverse, such as:

  • 12.3 million gamers around the world participated in a virtual concert held by the famous American singer Travis Scott in the game “Fortnite”.
  • The University of California, Berkeley recreated the campus in Minecraft, and graduates participated in the graduation ceremony with virtual images online.
  • ACAI, the top AI academic conference, held a 20-year seminar on Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing”, and the speaker played a PPT in the game to give a speech.

In addition, Facebook founder Zuckerberg, American game platform Roblox, game company MetaApp, including Tencent and other technology giants have all joined the construction of the metaverse.

As Mark Zuckerberg said: Metaverse will not be operated by a single company, but by many different parties in a decentralized manner. The metaverse is an Internet in which everyone can be a creator.

The current is a fast-moving era of openness based on Web3. Previously, we have also said that the development of Web3 is inseparable from blockchain and IPFS distributed storage as the bottom technology. The high redundancy, high interoperability, high openness, and decentralization are the necessary trends of this era.

Therefore, the metaverse is also built on Web3. Construct a virtual world through blockchain technology, and NFT the digital assets, identities, and real estate and land ownership in it to realize interaction with reality. When the number of NFT digital assets increase, it is necessary to use IPFS&Filecoin as the underlying storage to ensure the real permanence and uniqueness of the data.

In any case, the development of the metaverse is indeed worthy of imagination where there is no doubt about this.

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