New Chia mining pool protocol released! Begin a new era of Chia mining

The following is the updated content of the protocol:

1. Optimize current Plot speed, which is more than 3 times faster than the previous version;
2. Reduce the working rate of SSD, reduce hardware loss, and extend the hardware life;
3. There is no need to redraw after an interruption occurs during the Plot process. The new plotter improves the minimum settings. If an interruption occurs, it will reduce the loss of data.
4. In the new mining pool protocol, the fast plotter will not be used temporarily. (The official stated clearly that it will not use a plotter in the short term);
5. 1–2 optimizations to reduce TBW, support format changes, and the drawing size can be reduced by about 2% through optimization;
6. Change and improve the drawing format;
7. Adopt K32 format to reduce the invalid computing power of the mining pool.



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