What else you need to know in using the Chia’s new pool protocol

1.Plot NFT

In the new pool protocol, there can be multiple plots of NFT on the same key. Farmers can cultivate original (OG) plots or multiple plots at the same time.

2.Key backup and recovery

Farmers can have multiple keys at the same time, but each key must be synchronized separately. When multiple computers synchronize the key (24 words), the current Plot NFT and mining pool information will be automatically downloaded from the blockchain. All information about farmers’ mining pools, mapping NFTs, and smart contract addresses are completely backed up on the blockchain and can be restored with a key (24 words).

3. Expenses

At present, the cost of joining the pool and the blockchain fee are very small, or zero. It may change as the use of farmers and blockchain increases.

4. Invalid state and self pool

Please do not close the GUI before joining the official farming pool, otherwise it may show that the joining pool is invalid, and you need to re-join or change to a self-pool. Note that you must remember to receive the reward for winning the block before switching pools, otherwise the reward will be owned by the pool and farmers will not be able to get the reward.



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